During the day cruise we have two remarkable destinations


Alikes located in the southeastern part of Thassos located 32 km from the Limenas port.

There are two bays in Alikes with beaches of pebbles, sand and crystal waters. The bays are used as a natural harbor of small fish. The west beach is lively, organized with taverns and ouzo. The east beach is quiet and not so organized. Next to the beaches is a peninsular archaeological interest, ideal for short hikes.

In ancient times it was called the kingdom of Alice, had enough people and a large port. Archaeological interest are the ancient settlement of two early Christian basilicas and the marble quarry. Also, there may further discern the sunken quarry on the edge of the peninsula.


Gkiola is a special case of the lake, it is something of a lagoon, a natural pool with green water at the sea side. The water is warmer than the sea, after slowly refreshed each wave. You can swim, doing diving from the steps formed by the rocks or enjoy the sun on them, since there will not find sand.

The green waters, which is warmer than the sea, have a depth of about three meters. The two sides are lowered until they reach the other end, which reaches almost the sea level.

The "Tear of Venus"

Gkiola is known as the "Tear of Venus." The legend says that the pool this created Zeus swims to Venus. Another legend wants the lake to be the eye of Zeus who watched his mistress.